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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nokia Introducing Slam Sharing on Asha 205 206 ( How to use Slam Share)

12:26 AM
The new Nokia Asha 205 and 206 series 40 phones have some unique and smart features. One of the unique feature is Quick sharing option named Nokia Slam Sharing. And Nokia Slam sharing is one of the key feature for the Nokia mobile devices in the market now. The feature is really a amazing one to have on the phone.

What is Nokia Slam Sharing:

Nokia Slam share is a feature or a option that will helpful for users to share something from one Bluetooth enabled to mobile to another Bluetooth enabled mobile in a quick flash.Slam actually works on The base of Bluetooth of phone. And Slam Sharing is making file transferring more easier on Nokia phone.

Slam sharing supported device:

Till now there is two slam share enabled device in the market one is Asha 205 qwerty phone and Asha 206 Bar type phone. And these slam enabled phone can transfer file by slam sharing to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone device.

How to Use Nokia Slam share:

  1. Go to any picture from gallery or from file manager.
  2. click on option.
  3. Select Share/Send from Option.
  4. Select Via Slam.
  5. Tap your Slam enabled phone with another Bluetooth turned on Mobile phone.
  6. Will see "Receive Data from Nokia Asha 205" or something like that.
  7. Click accept on Friends devise to get the data.

till now there is now application to download for enable slam on other mobile device except Nokia Asha 205 and 206 have built in Slam Sharing feature.

Benefit of Slam sharing:

  • Its making file sharing more easier.
  • No need to search for Bluetooth devices.
  • Tap on the right phone to share with right person.

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