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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fring free Internet call and chatting Application for Nokia Asha 305 306 308 309 311

10:40 PM
Fring is a well known application for Smartphone users. The is very handy and most having apps for smartphones because with the application its possible to call and talk with someone over the internet in very low cost. And fring is popular cause fring have a better voice clarity than other application we did use for phone for VoIP calling. Some of Nokia Asha users may think that Nokia Asha 305 306 308 309 311 full touchscreen phones may be smartphones. First to clearing Asha phone users that those model are not smartphones. But Those are actually Asha smartphones. So if you are decided to buy a Nokia Asha series 40 phone for free mobile calls, video call , live chats with this phone. i am making sure guys that is never gonna happen. So that means you cant Free Calls, Group Calls, Texting, Video, Group Video, and more many things with the application cause there is not any working version available for Nokia Asha 305 306 308 309 311 Asha smartphones. Only one model of Nokia Asha named Nokia Asha 500 is supports this apps. 

So that means if you are going to buy a Nokia Branded phone to use fring for free VoIP calls and video chatting than you have to buy Nokia Asha 500 Symbian Belle OS phone or New Nokia Lumia Windows phone.

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