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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nokia 6220 classic hardware problem solutions

The Nokia 6220c solutions for hardware problem related issues when damaged. This solution covers and shows the hints for hardware troubleshooting on nokia 6220c.This packaged almost covers all repair guides on particular hardware failures.

Here's a lists of what this solution pack for nokia 6220c composed of:
1. LCD display problem solution such blue screen display, garbled display, black or blank screen display and white screen display.
2. LCD Display filter IC jumper ways - this shows how to mend a damaged display filter IC
3. keypad problem solution - shows the line paths of each particular keypad keys  for easy tracing when a keypad malfunction problem.
4. Camera problem solution - for repair of camera hardware failure
5. Camera Auto focus switch button solution - this solution shows the line paths of the camera button when damaged.
6. Charging problem solution - guide to repair not charging related issues like charger not supported and fake charging.
7. Earpiece speaker solution - guides to fix a no audio sound output earpiece speaker.
8. FM Radio solution - guide to fix FM radio problem
9. Bluetooth problem solution - repair guide on a bluetooth related errors.
 10. Microphone problem solution - for mic, mouthpiece problem repair.
 11. Sim card problem solution - Insert sim related issues repair guide.
 12. Memory card solution - for problems like memory card not detected.
 13. Power ON OFF switch jumper ways - shows the line paths of the power switch if the phone won't power up.

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