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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Microphone Failure solution on 7510s

Here's brief solution for a hardware relalated microphone failure on Nokia 7510s. this solution simply shows the location of microphone components location on the PCB board that might get damaged if the microphone failed to have an audio sound output during transmission.

Nokia 7510s mic problem solutions
The 7510 supernova used a digital microphone components mounted located at the bottom side of the PCB, It composed of 5 terminal which is for the connection of the supply voltage, data signal output, clock signal and groundings. The picture above shows each of the corresponding terminal connection which feeds from or to a chip resistors. This resistors has a resistance value of 100 ohms each.

Hints for repair: check the supply vdd supply voltage, this voltage came from a VSIM second voltage; Look for the vsim voltage location capacitor on the vsim circuit, the other side of that capacitor is where the supply voltage for the microphone came from. Check all the resistors resistance value, replace it if the desired reading of approximately 100 ohms meet. Replace a new microphone if all of the above mention is working  fine.

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