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Thursday, February 28, 2013

7510s Integrated Hands Free mode loud speaker solution

This repair solution covered for Nokia 7510 supernova Hands Free Speaker Failure. The speaker failed to have no audio sound output when trying to activate the hands free mode our loud speaker option. This solution simply shows and tell us the location of the spare components that might cause the speaker failure.
Ensure that the Speaker is perfectly working before  trying to use this solution. This solution may only help if the said speaker is working fine.

Nokia 7510s Hands Free Mode / Ringer loud Speaker solution
 nokia 6510s hands free solution
The solution only shows the possible components that might cause the problem if the loud speaker does not have and audio sound output. The components on the layout is composed of the filter coils and a protection filter  that looks like a chip resistor. You may check those certain components by checking the chip filter coils continuity using a multimeter. Those two black colored components are ESD protection resistor, you may check it also if shorted or not, replace it if found shorted, removing it and leave it open, also works but not advisable.

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