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Thursday, February 28, 2013

7510s Earpiece speaker solution - PCB board component repair

If you are trying to repair the earpiece speaker failure on Nokia 7510 supernova and found out that the earpiece speaker is working fine and think that the problem  lies on the flex cable wire.
This solution is the second step  repair procedure before trying to replace the flex cable wire on it and 
might help to solve also.
 Nokia 7210s Earpiece Speaker PCB component 
and line paths (earpiece speaker ways)
 Just figure out the picture above for it shows the location of particular components such as the chip filter coils and chip resistors that is connected to the earpiece speaker before it goes through the flex cable wire.
If these components is damaged, no matter how many times yo replace the flex cable wire will not solved the earpiece speaker failure  issues. The chip resistor is has a value of zero ohms it means that the said resistor is fusible. You may check the continuity of both chip resistor and filter coil first before trying to install a new replacement flex cable wire on the device.

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