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Friday, January 4, 2013

fake buddy for BBM 1.1

Fake Buddy over BBM allows you to add false friends to your BBM friend list. You can chat with your fake friends hence giving a real like experience with the false friends.

With this new app, you can now flaunt your celebrity friend list over BBM. You can pretend to have a date with a Hollywood star or can be taking direct tips from the international sports star. All depends on your creativity. No need of the Pinshare application, just create your own friend and chat as you wish.

It can be a healthy app to kill your time In case, you are feeling bored then start chatting with the friend over BBM. You do not need to schedule/specify anything before, just add the friend and start chatting.

It is even a great app to get some laugh amongst the friends,  For your ease, we have already provided couple of friends over BBM. Hence you do not need to initialize the application on install.


* Unlimited friends can be added
* Real like chat replies
* Keyword specific replies
* Default replies
* Can Pre Schedule a chat

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Download ota

Download offline (mediafire)

Cara instal aplikasi offline bisa di lihat disini : Cara instal aplikasi blackberry secara offline 

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