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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Color ID 2.4.1

* Lava Lamp
* Hot Mess
* Creamsicle
* Pink Friday
* Rocket Pop
* Fireworks
* Water
* Fire
* Earth
* Wind

Other Color Combinations Include:
* Disco
* Five-O
* Emergency Response
* Girlfriend
* Boyfriend
* Jersey Shore
* Double Rainbow
* Ignore (no LED)
* Disco Fast
* Disco Slow

Color ID lets you assign custom LED color combinations by contact when you receive BBMs, texts, emails and calls. With over 100 possible color combinations including "Disco" and "Double Rainbow" & unlimited custom contacts, seeing who's contacting you has never been more awesome.

Setting up BBM:

Syncing with your BlackBerry® Address Book is easy! Just start typing a name from your Address Book and it will autofill the rest for you!

With over 100 possible color combinations, it's totally up to you - Maybe Yellow and Orange for your company colors, Disco for your boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe Jersey Shore for your party people. You'll always know at a glance who's contacting you with Color ID.

* OS 5 required for BBM functionality *

Professional UI, functionality and previews by BlackBerry® professionals.

This FULL version gives you UNLIMITED CUSTOM CONTACTS for specific colors and dedicated tech support! Awesome.

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Download offline (mediafire)

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