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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

World Clock Pro HD 2.2

#### In 2.0.0 #####
*) Added 7 and 10 Clocks mode.
*) Improved the Clock performance
*) Are you a business person? or Most of the time are in traveling? Or Do you want to know the current time in different cities at a time? Or Are you looking any application that will show the current time for a particular city? Then this app for you.

*) This application works completely works in offline. By default this application will support more than 200 famous locations.

*) Using this application you can add custom location and corresponding time zones.

*) You can edit and delete the predefined clocks at any time.

*) Using this application delete the clock from the home screen at any point of the time.

*) For quick view you can also search clock by location and you can also view the current time for a selected location.

*) By using this application you can view 10 clocks at a time in home screen.

*) This application is works very fast and accurate.

*) This application does not have any boundaries. Using this application add unlimited locations.

*) Using this application you can search customized locations, and predefined locations.

*) Beautiful analog clock is now available in BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

*) Just pay once $0.99 World Clock App all upcoming updates are free.

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Cara instal aplikasi offline bisa di lihat disini : Cara instal aplikasi blackberry secara offline

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