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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video ScreenShots 1.1

10:21 PM
A new easy way to shoot a still picture of a moving object
Choose video and Video ScreenShots!
With video ScreenShots, grab still images from recorded video and get the best of both Video and pictures worlds.
Record video of your lovely kids or pets, and then grab the best shots as still images!
Interesting, funny, witty or personal and family videos - whatever you have, Video ScreenShots allows you to grab picture frames from inside your Video right on your BlackBerry®. No additional software, PC, USB wires or anything required!

*Grab picture frames from your Videos right on your BlackBerry®!
*Select auto mode to grab the frame automatically from your video.
*Change the name of the image inside the app.
*Share the lovely images on facebook, BBM, Email.
*Set the images taken by app as a Contact image or Wallpaper from inside the app.
*Option of saving the frame as a reel.
*Simple and beautiful user Interface.
*Standalone and fully functional - works out of the box!
*All formats supported by BlackBerry® native media player can be extracted.

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