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Saturday, July 13, 2013

GnarBike Trials Pro APK

Level Builder Instructions: GnarBike Trials Pro
Top Left - \"Repeat button\" - creates whatever item you were last touching.
2nd prime Left - Saw & Hammer - \"Build Button\" - opens an inventory of items to create the level with.
Middle Left - \"X-Drag/Rotate\" - Switches between rotating and moving the article away/towards you.
2nd Bottom Left - \"Gravity Button\" - when touching an object, touch this to feature physics/gravity.
Bottom Left - \"Bin\" - when touching an object, touch this to delete it.
Top Right - \"Background\" - Puts it into background mode, click a background block to delete it, click empty(blue) house to point out the background menu and choose background.
2nd prime Right - \"GridLock\" - Turns object grid lock On/Off.
Plus/Minus - Changes the article size/type.
Menu - Save - Saves current Level.
Menu - Load - masses antecedently saved Level.
Menu - TestTrack - Changes to Test/Play mode.
Whilst touching an object, use a second finger to rotate it by sliding your second finger up/down. By moving your second finger left/right you\'ll drag the article out from underneath you finger creating it easier to visualize.

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