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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Download and Instal software Wechat BB Z10

Download dan Instal Wechat BB Z10

Tools :
1. Application Wechat
2. Sideload (DDPB,VNBB10,VNPB,BBGA)
3. .NET Framework
4. JRE (Java)

Turn off / Disable Anti-Virus and install the current UAC WeChat

 How to Install :1.Download WeChat and sideload applications, can be used to sideload DDPB, VNBB10, VNPB or BBGA. I love DDPB here if you want to try another searching aja
2.Download and Install. NET Framework and JRE (Java), but usually these apps already installed on the PC, Klu not please search and download.
3. Install DDPB
DDPB is sideloading apps that help us to install the application or file. BAR to BB Z10 / Playbook
4. Once all is installed, restart the PC.

5. How to Install Application WeChat :- On the new Z10 BB Settings
- Then Security & Privacy
- Login to Development Mode
- "Use Development Mode" slide to ON / Off (enter password and remember / record)
- See the IP Address that was in z10 (note)
- BB Connect PC via USB / Data
- Open DDPB that had been installed
- Enter the IP Address and Password Blackberry Z10 to DDPB
- Tap Connect on DDPB
- Click Add and browse to the file that was downloaded wechat_BBZ10.BAR.
- Check the file that was in the Add, click Install
- Wait for the install process to 100% ... Done!!
If there is a problem with the IP / Password, try to restart your PC or update online. NET Framework

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