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Friday, July 19, 2013

A Thug In Time v1.3 Mod (Unlimited Money/Coins) android apk (Direct Link)

A Thug In Time v1.3 Mod (Unlimited Money/Coins) android apk

A Thug In Time v1.3 Mod (Unlimited Money/Coins) android app
Requirements: Android 3.0+
Overview: A Thug In Time is a top-down shooter that takes you on a journey through time!

Kai is a chosen time traveler, instructed to collect time crystals scattered throughout time, in order to save humanity from future destruction! Players can use 35 unique weapons to decapitate, burn, freeze, laser, shoot, bomb and destroy over 20 varying enemies and eight mini-bosses and their bosses! Each kill has individual physics based purely on reaction using no death animations. Use a variety of power ups and weapons to survive and create havoc through over 65 levels throughout the Viking-Age, Wild West, 1930′s Chicago, and modern-day New York!

· Decapitate, freeze, burn as well as riddle with bullet and laser fire your enemies with more than 35 explosive weapons
· In game powerups that include: fire bombs, freeze bombs and cutter blades
· Battle through 65 levels set in four time periods: Viking-Age, Wild West, 1930’s mob infested Chicago and modern-day New York
· Obliterate more than 20 types of unique enemies
· No death animations, each kill has its own unique physics based reaction
· Conquer time travel as well as eight bosses and their mini-bosses
· Stunning graphics with advanced lighting techniques
· Hours of gameplay with an enormous amount of content

What's New
- Fix for install issue on android devices

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