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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Smash Stickers v1.4 Updated: android apk

Smash Stickers v1.4 Updated: android apk
Smash Stickers v1.4 Updated: June 18, 2013

Requirements: Android 2.1+

What's in this version:
- Animated hand’ can be disabled.
- A number of stickers are increased.
- Now the same repetitive stickers are at the very end of the list.
- Prices for stickers buying are improved.
- To make smashing a little bit harder we put on scale speed.
- For each achievemen

Smash stickers is an addictive game based on Russian teenagers’ fun of early 90-s. The base of the game is stickers collecting from popular bubble gums as Mortal Combat, Terminator and competition for your rival’s stickers. The game is extremely dynamic and rich. It suggests you to plunge into the atmosphere of excitement and bid for Winner’s Cup!
Thanks to original backgrounds and soundtracks you may smash down stickers on school floor, window sill or even on asphalt! Your rivals may be virtual computer players or your friends with whom you will compete on one device (phone or tablet) making moves one by one. Up to 4 players may play this game. Frame continues until one player gets all stickers from stake and gives his opponents the sack. All gained stickers are saved in your album, so you may proudly show them to your friends at any moment. Stickers from album can be sold and changed. 
To start the game, you need to push proper button in the main menu of the application. After you type your name, you get some coins and stickers. In menu option ‘Album’ you may sell or change given stickers for new ones or start the game at once, going to the proper menu option. 
If you choose computer as your opponent, firstly you need to stake by choosing stickers which will play. From one to four stickers are accepted to the stake. Then you set who’s the first will smash stickers by everybody known way as rock-paper-scissors. This mini game rules are very simple. Rock loses out to paper, scissors loses out to rock, but wins paper. To cast lots you need to choose any element and push the button in the centre of the screen. After moves distribution the most interesting part begins – the game with stickers.
You’ll see the cup of stickers on screen with pictures down. Your task is to turn stickers as many as possible by the flap of your palm. As soon as your turn to get stickers comes the moving scale of flap force will appear next to your name. Choose the level you need (from green weak to red hard) and fix force clicking the scale. The next step is flap stickers. As in real game the number of won stickers depends on flap force, that’s why you must catch the maximum flap indicator on scale! All stickers which turn with picture up after your move are your win and automatically sent to our album.
If you decide to play with friends, stickers hitting will be the same as well as game rules when you play with computer. The only difference is starting procedure for playing. When you define the number of players, you need to type their names regarding a player’s name typed during application launch will be automatically added to list. The next stage is choosing of given stickers number and stake stickers number for one frame. As with computer game continues until someone win all opponents’ stickers. When a player loses all his stickers, he automatically leaves the game. Thus, finally one winner stays who gets absolutely everything!
Additional passion of Smash Stickers is an opportunity to win different rewards, medals and cups, which may be given to lucky players for certain progress and results, as, for example, 5,7 and 10 stickers get with one hit. Also you can make bank by turning all stickers at once. For the purpose of convenience the game accounts statistics where there’s information how much game you have been played, what’s the best number of stickers you get with one hit and general results. 
The game may continue until you amass the whole collection and get the main prize of Winner’s Cup or until you lose all of your catches. Even if it happens, never say die, as you may start Smash Stickers from scratch and undertake to collect trophies over again.

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