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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sefirah v1.3.9 android apk

 Sefirah v1.3.9 android apk

Sefirah v1.3.9 android game
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: ☆ vouchers sepira culture events! ☆
- After download the sepira, the lottery of the customers who submitted ratings and written comments through cultural Gift Certificates (1 to 50 minutes, won bills). Many are encouraged to participate.

Sefirah v1.3.9 android game
Unfolding epic view of the world in 1000 years!
The war between the countries surrounding the mysterious ore.
Expelled during the war due to a conspiracy articles, "Aaron iso-de-
And find out the truth of death in the articles section of the secret of sepira hidden for a long time.
Solid worldview in three continents and a vast scenario, a variety of maps and numerous stage!
Large-scale battles unfolding without a rest break!
To you now RPG experience, sepira, the world unfolds.

Features Sefirah v1.3.9 android game
■ Easy operation:
Operation method optimized for smartphones touch touch & drag (Drag)
■ distinctive profession and mercenaries:
Make a gorgeous of mercenaries strong personality and a variety of skills, experience thrilling battles!
The number of mercenaries as a combination of various professions, strategic play is made by you.
■ colorful and vibrant graphics
Cave, a strong sand storm desert storm, a blizzard of unknown depth
Reproduce a realistic background, and vivid battle screen
Large-scale battles unfolding without a break to rest ■
Asmodians in a massive invasion that threatens human
The large and powerful  encounters
Unpredictable, breathtaking Dire Maul is waiting for you.
■ own distinctive Mu
Chi formed only for you to hire mercenaries to follow Aaron iso de
Battlefield capped save the world!
■ English English support.
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