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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Battery drain analyzer monitor v3.0.4 android apk

Battery drain analyzer monitor v3.0.4 android apk

Battery drain analyzer monitor v3.0.4
Requires Android: 2.2 - 4.2
Description: Battery drain analyzer with simple profile manage

Battery drain analyzer with simple profile manager★Basic features
• shows battery status in notification bar
• shows battery status in widget 1x1, 2x1
• shows battery level changes in time for day
• shows battery life statistic for last 30 days
• estimates for how long the battery last
• estimates for how long the battery will be charged
• notification in case battery level is bellow selected level
• notification for full battery (charging finished)
• 3 simple profiles (possible manual and automatic time activation): Day, Night, Save (allows enable/disable settings bellow)
• 5 buttons for enable/disable: airplane, Bluetooth, mobile data, Wi-Fi, sync + 1 button to access settings
• no advertisement

★Premium features
• shows which applications drain battery most in last 30 days or day by day
★How Analyzer works
The analyzer displays the battery power consumed by individual applications. Data is collected only when the device is not connected to a power source.
★How to deal with battery drain application
If you need application which drains your battery most, try to change application settings like update interval, etc. Also check if application has any update available. If yes, try to update and monitor application behavior.
If you don´t need application and you have Android ICS and higher, you can try to uninstall all updates and try to disable application in Android application management (Menu-System settings-Applications-All). This work for many application which is impossible to uninstall, but you don´t use them.
If you use a task killer, please add the application to the exception list.
★Help improve application
• If you wish to make this application better:
- let me know how do you think I can do it instead negative rating without explanation
- share with your friends
- help me to translate text to your language or correct localization
- buy premium

• CZ, DE, EN, ES, FR, HU, RU
★license renewal require
• ensure you have functional internet
• ensure you have enabled synchronization of Google account under which the application was purchased
• turn on the application and the license will be retrieved from the Google servers
• Get news from Google+

What's in this version:
★ New email address, new Google+ link, new App link
★ Bugfixes - if you still have any problem, please write me email.
★ Analyzer shows application consumption as well as consumption of other parts of the system.
★ Faster display the Analyzer results.
★ Analyzer consumes 50% less energy.
more info at:-

>>>Download link<<<


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