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Monday, June 24, 2013

ARLiberator for AppRadio v2.51 android apk

ARLiberator for AppRadio v2.51 android apk

ARLiberator for AppRadio v2.51 android app
Requirements: 3.0 and up
ARLiberator for AppRadio v2.51 android app Overview: ARLiberator gives you full control of your Android phone on an AppRadio2.

Use any app on your AppRadio. Multitouch and button presses are taken in from bluetooth and piped into low level Linux drivers. Because of this, root access is required.

The following features are supported:
- Multitouch
- GPS (turn on mock locations)
- Steering wheel and pop up menu buttons (in any app)
- Hard buttons on AppRadio
- Automatically detects AppRadio
- Automatic volume control
- Automatically start and stop car mode
- Exit to AppRadio home screen
- Phone screen turn off
- Puts any app in landscape mode. (Even apps that don't support it) 
- Start at boot 
Because this app uses non-standard parts of the Android operating system and interacts with low level Linux APIs it is possible that not every phone will work. Please contact me, the developer. I will personally work with you as I have with many other people. Many times I'll try to code a fix to your issue, send you a version to test and then it is include in the actual app. Often people find that trying another ROM can fix their issue since ROM developers may omit certain things when building the ROM. If I don't respond to your email just send me another after a day or two.

What's in this version:
V 2.5
Added diagnostics feature
Added beta support for new radios
Bugfixes and stability improvements
New languages
UI changes and suggestions from user feedback

This app has NO advertisements
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