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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Windows Phone 8 Best free screen Capture Application for Nokia Lumia 920 820 620 505 900

11:07 PM
Till now its may be a tough things to do on a Windows phone 8 to capture a screen shot for new windows 8 phone users. Its a handy option to have on a Smartphones. Some times it is must needed to have this. Likely that you wanna a capture a image from a video, sometimes its needed to take some snap of some needed webpages, Chats with friends. Seriously many of Windows Phone 8 users are searching for the feature or a application that can do the such work or take some screen shot easily. Good news is that you didn't have to download anything.
Screen Capture is free built in feature on a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone. That means you can easily Capture or take a screen shot on your windows 8 Smartphone.

How to to take a screen shot/ capture Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Smartphone:

you didn't have to navigate to anywhere. Just click windows button (start button) and power on off button together to take screen shot.

any pages available on Nokia Lumia Windows phone 8 can be captured on this method, as example: Facebook pages, Web pages, Pictures, Videos anything.

The captured photos will be stored at photos function of the phone. as exact Photos> Albums> Captured.

This method was successfully tested on Nokia Lumia 920, 820. And may also work on other Windows phone 8 Smartphones like Lumia 620, 520, 505, 720 and other too.

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