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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nokia E72 Not Charging Problem Repair Solution Guide

Here's the solution to repair Nokia E72 charging problem issues, this repair solution guide shows the exact location of particular components that might get damaged when a charging problem occurs like not charging, a good and working battery charger shows no response or indication when plug-in.
This solution also shows the line paths for easy line tracing repair procedure.

The Nokia E72 Charging Circuit components location and line paths
 nokia e72 charging jumper ways
 Charging ways, charging components connections 

Repair tips:

1. check the charging pin connector, free from dirt or corrosion, if the pin is damaged find a new replacement charging pin.
Make sure that charging pin contact pads is also clean.

2. Check the fuse continuity by using a multimeter, if found open or damaged replace it. check the diode if shorted, shorted diode will make the fuse blown again, replace if found shorted.

3. check also the filter coil. Sometimes the filter coil might also get damaged if an extreme short circuit occurs like water damaged device.

4. check all the corresponding charging line paths from the charging pin terminal pads across to each corresponding components connections. Apply a tiny jumper wire on it if found cut or open.

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