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Friday, March 1, 2013

solution how to fix Nokia X6 not charging problem issues

This solution will show you and guide to fix  Nokia X6 charging problem issues like Not charging, charger no response when plug-in. This common problem occurs when the said handset is damaged by a liquid or water damaged, excessive charger voltage is being feed to the device or by using a non compatible battery charger to it.

Nokia x6 charging protection circuit components layout ( charging ways)
nokia x6 charging ways solution
This guide only shows the particular components such as the chip or smd fuse, filter coil (power inductor) the chip diode and chip capacitors which possibly might get damaged and causes the handset device unable to charge up the battery.

Tips for repair: check the chip fuse and filter coil continuity if found open replace it, check also the chip diode if shorted, a shorted chip diode will make the chip fuse blown again. Don't ever jumper the fuse, the device circuit will need protection when excessive voltage from the battery charger happen.

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