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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nokia C3 Display Problem Solution - White, blue blank screen displays

Here's a solution that may possibly help fix and repair Nokia C3 display problem like white screen, blue screen, blank screen, garbled and saturated screen displays.
Note: this solution may only work and can be applied after ensuring that:
a) the Flash firmware is okay
b) the LCD Display module is okay or have tried replacing it with a new one

This solution below shows the display circuit  connection of Nokia C3 and its corresponding line connections including the pin connector's pin configuration.

Nokia C3 Display problem solution ( LCD pin connector's line tracks)
Nokia  C3 Display Problem Solution - White, blue blank screen displays

Repair Tips:
1. Check the LCD pin connector, make sure it is free from dirt, oxidation and corrosion. Clean it and apply solder if the pins found a cold solder or broken.
2. Check the two voltage supply it is 1.8 and 2.8 DC volt(see solution above)
3. Check the connected two resistors near to the pin connector this two resistor has a value of 0 ohms and 100 ohms. replace if found damaged.
4. If all of the above components is okay, the last and hard enough to deal with  is reworking the JUNO chips. For beginners, you may  ask assistance to your Head Technician or Master Tech, working with JUNO IC  needs expertise, so apply extra precautions.

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