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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

nokia 7510s led back light failure on LCD screen display and keypad solution

A failure of LED backlight on the LCD screen module will result to a black or dark screen display.
This solution shows the components of an LED backlight circuit that is responsible to switch the LED bulb light up on keypad and LCD screen.

nokia 7510s baclight LED solution
This guide simply tells us where or which particular spots on the circuit were we are going to check, the LED driver Ic is the one that controls the LED voltage. The Vbat (battery supply voltage) is also needed on the circuit to make it work. There are filter coils in there that is a good spots to start to check with, then down to the LED driver chip's corresponding voltage output that make and feed to the LED bulb to light up.
If all the filter coil is okay, the possible solution is to replace the LED  driver IC.
Do also consider that a LED's also get busted, so check the LED first before trying to check and replace this components.

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