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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nokia 5530 not charging and Charger not supported

Here's the solution for Charging problem such as not charging and charger not supported for Nokia 5530 xpressmusic. this solution shows the exact location of particular spare component mounted on thePCB board that possibly might get damaged when the problem occurred.

For 5530 Not charging problem like No response when a charger is plug-in see the picture below for it shows the charging protection circuit composed of a chip fuse, chip filter coil, chip diode and capacitors.
the charger voltage flow across to this components, from the charger plug and pin connector down to the charging IC ( BETTY. You may check this components first and replace if found damaged before trying to rework or replace the charging IC (BETTY).

Nokia 5530 Not charging problem Solution
nokia 5530 charge jumper ways
Nokia 5530 Not charging problem Solution

For charger not supported related issues you may replace this battery temperature (BTEMP) thermistor components with a resistance value of 47K just located at he bottom of the main PCB board.

Nokia 5530 charger Not supported solution
nokia 5530 charger not supported repair solution
Nokia 5530 Not charging problem Solution
More 5530 solution to be posted.. Enjoy,  happy copying.....

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