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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

N79 LCD Display problem solution - white screen, blue screen, blank screen repair

Here's the solution for Nokia N79 display problems such as blue screen, white screen, black or blank screen displays. This solution may help fix for the symptoms after ensuring that LCD screen module is working okay but the problem still exists.
The guide below shows the LCD display data signal line tracks from the display EMI filter IC to the corresponding LCD display B2B pin connector.

Nokia N79 Display IC LineConfiguration
(N79 Display IC Jumper ways)

Repair hints: If the two Display EMI-ESD filter has been change but the problem remains. Do try to rework the display IC marked with number three. Just have the rework station heat controlled about below and not above 350 degrees and have an air flow of 3-5 range. Need extra care for that IC to work with.
P.S. this solution has been posted by special request.

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