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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

N78 Charger No response repair solution, for not charging problem

Here's a complete line tracks of Nokia N78 charging circuit that may help fix and repair Not charging issues such as Charger No Response and Fake Charging.

The solution below shows the corresponding components that needs for check up and replacement if found damaged.

Nokia N78 Charger No response solution
nokia N78 not charging repair solution
When a charger is being plug-in but there is no indication shows on the LCD screen Display. The problem may lies on an open chip fuse or a shorted diode. see picture above..
But ensure first that the charging pin connector is perfectly clean and not damaged before trying to check or replace the above showed mounted components.
IF the chip fuse, filter coils, chip diodes and capacitors is okay the problem may possibly lies on the Charging IC (BETTY IC). Try to reflow/rehea and rework before replacing it. A faulty Charging IC may also result to a fake charging, it means that it  shows a charging indication on the LCD screen display but the battery does not charge up at all.

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