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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hands free speaker failure solutions for Nokia 5610

The IHF speaker is more important part on the device since it is built and designed for playing and hearing music. This is the solution that serve as our guide in troubleshooting and repairing Nokia 5610 Xpressmusic Integrated Hands Free (IHF) Speaker failure. This problem may occurred if the IHF speaker is busted or some components of IHF speaker connection is damaged. The solution figure below will show the specific location of a particular components might get damaged if a good IHF speaker will not tend to have an audio sound output.

5610 hands free speaker failure solution
nokia 5610 hands free speaker jumper ways solution
The circuit tells us how the audio signal feeds across to a corresponding components before it goes through to the IHF hands free speaker. There are four filter coils connected on each signal polarity before it goes to the speaker terminal pads, and this is the good spot where to check first after the IHF speaker. We can also check and trace the line paths even from  the internal solder ball bumps of the power IC (AVILMA) connections.

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