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Thursday, February 28, 2013

7510s supernova insert sim card problem solution

5A solution for Nokia 7210s insert sim card problem. This problem causes when the device is having a hardware damaged failure on the sim card connection circuit.
Nokia 7510s Insert Sim card solution ( sim card ways)
nokia 7510s insert sim card jumper ways
The solution guide above shows the connection of the Sim card pin connector from the sim card holder socket to the internal solder ball bumps of an IC component which is the power IC. There are 5 connections that needs the sim card to work when inserted, these are the Vsim which the supply voltage of the sim card, the ground connection, the data signal, clock and reset. If one these five connections failed to connect to the sim card module this will result on displaying insert sim card on the LCD screen.

repair tip: ensure that the sim card connector pins are well cleaned and free from corrosion a oxidation, these oftentimes also causes the problem. check the vsim and the reset line paths continuity through to chip capacitors that where it is being connected, check also the grounding pin's continuity to ground lines of the PCB board. Those are the very basic steps to check an insert sim card problem and beyond that it needs to work on the IC component (power IC) on which the line paths where connected internally of the IC component's solder ball bumps.

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