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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5630 Earpiece and Integrated Hands Free Speaker Sounds Failure Solution

These are the solution for 5630 xpressmusic audio sounds output failures such no ringtones can be heard, no earpiece and loud speaker sounds can be heard.
This covers both for earpiece speakers and integrated hands free loud speaker failures.

For beginners: Ensure that the speaker is perfectly check and test and found working okay before using this guides below.

This first solution is for earpiece speaker sounds output failure, you check and replace thos components highlighted on the picture after ensuring that the speaker is working fine but still no sounds can be heard. This components are composed of filter coil and ESD filter chip.

nokia 5630 earpiece speaker jumper ways solution

The second below solution is for integrated hands free speaker failure; If the below components is damaged these may result to no ringtone and mp3 music can be heard when playing.

nokia 5630 no ringtone and music sounds solutions
Each components were composed of SMD (surface mount) filter coils. You may check the continuity of this coils and replace if found damaged. The line tracks connection is indicated on colored lines. You may also trace this line paths for further troubleshooting.

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