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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3710 fold Not charging solutions - charging problem repair guide

Here's the solution may help repair a damaged Nokia 3710 fold such as Charger No Response and Charger Not Supported problem issues. This solution shows particular components may possibly damaged and result to not charging problems.

The first solution below cover for charger no response repair. If  a good and working charger is being plug-in and shows no charging indications on the LCD screen display, this solution below will help you locate the  components that holds the charger voltage like the chip SMD fuse, SMD filter coil and the chip voltage rectifier diode and filter capacitors. This is the charging protection circuit, before it get through to the charging control circuit.
You may check the chip fuse if it's busted or open, then check the diode if shorted or not, replace both  if found damaged.

Nokia 3710f Charger No response solution (Not charging repair)
nokia 3710 charger not supported

This next solution below is for Charger not supported problem repair guide. The solution below shows a certain component parts that holds for the battery temperature indications in the circuit. This resistor is called a BTEMP resistor and has a resistance value of 47 kilo-ohms. It is a thermistor type of a resistor, the resistance value varies when heat is applied. And when damaged it will result to charger not supported problem. By only replacing it will fix the charging problem.

Nokia 3710 fold charger not supported solution ( Charging problem repair)
nokia 3710 fold charger not supported

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