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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Download Application WA Report Messages for Nokia 5800 and N8

WA Report (Notifications) is a Symbian S605th and Symbian^3 based application for touchscreen phones from Nokia. The application display the messages (report) received from WhatsApp's contacts. The contact, group, type, length and date of message can be seen. The content are not shown but.

The application can perform the followings:
  • Messages: List the message by days selected and max days (setting option).
  • Update: update the list messages
  • Setting: to change the configuration
  • Help: about and guide
  • Exit: close the application

The application offers following features:
  • Parser logs (debug) files of WhatsApp app to get data of the communications and to analyze them.
  • Limit to the last three days of messages and thousand messages
  • Show notifications messages received with the details

The application requires Qt 4.7 and above to be installed on your mobile. It works with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5228, 5230, 5233, 5235, 5530 XpressMusic, N8, E7, C6, C7 and other Symbian Anna and Belle devices. Download the version 1.1.2 of WA Report from the following link.

Application WA Report Messages for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97 (111 KB)
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