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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Chat for Facebook with Emoticon 2.2

A+ Chat for Facebook = Facebook Chat + BlackBerry® Messenger's UI

A+ Chat for Facebook is a light and reliable instant messenger for Facebook Chat. Now, you can chat with your Facebook friends on your BlackBerry®. A+ Chat is designed for BlackBerry® users who are used to BlackBerry® Messenger.
- real-time chat with Facebook friends
- chat history
- popup notification on incoming message when A+ Chat is running on the background
- notification field when chatting with a friend and there is incoming message from other friend
- message delivery status
- chat states, ie displayed status when your friend is typing
- search functionality on friends' names
- profile pictures next to friend's name (please enable from Options page)
- home screen icon notification
- ability to set status to Available or Idle from menu
- font size adjustment from Options page
- autotext-enabled text field
- east asia characters support (only works on compatible OS)
- auto run on startup
- integrated tones, vibration, and LED notifications to BlackBerry® Options
- auto reconnect on the background if disconnected from Facebook server
- broadcast on Facebook newsfeed and Twitter stream that you are online

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