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Monday, November 26, 2012

PowerBOSS - Battery Manager 1.600

PowerBOSS enables you to override the default 5% radio shutdown to get out those last few messages or even a short call– even when your BlackBerry® is gasping for air-time.

PowerBOSS extends battery life by cutting down on signal searches when you’re off the grid.

PowerBOSS provides automated updates on available battery life for everything from talking to taking in the latest blockbuster.

After three months of experiments, we know what really causes the battery to drain.  Don't worry about your Wifi or Bluetooth  being on all the time, they have no impact on battery life.  The big ticket items are internet and phone usage, as well as being out of reception range.

Easy-on-the-eye interface and no-brainer battery control only with JaredCo’s PowerBOSS.

Running on empty takes you out of the loop. PowerBOSS let’s you make those last important calls, send those last texts or listen to that download one more time. You make the call with PowerBOSS.

Monitor and manage all your power usage with PowerBOSS from JaredCo. As always, we design them, we build them, we support them.

Take charge of recharging with PowerBOSS.

Its good to be BOSS.

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