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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo Booth Pro 1.0.3

10:31 AM
Photo Booth Pro is a classic photo booth simulator where it will take four consecutive photos automatically or manually take each photo of the subject using the camera.  You can control the delay between each take from 3 seconds to 7 seconds part for Quick Take.  You can also set to vibrate to give you notification when the photo is about to be taken.   Once all four photos are taken you can apply effects on the photos.

There are 8 different effects you can apply to the photos and can you apply one or all of the effects to the same photos.


You can also use Photo Booth Pro to take photos in the dark with the Flash always on.   Just press the menu key to turn on the Flash and select Quick Take.  The Flash will stay on until you finished taking the photos.  If you take the photos manually then Auto flash will be used.

You can also zoom in and out of the subject before you take the photos in Manual mode.   Zooming is not supported if you turn on the Flash in always on mode.

Photo Booth Pro saves the final photos in JPG format.  You can select the JPG compression in the Preferences.  You can also select the background color instead of the traditional Black background.   Option to email the photos is also available when you save without exiting Photo Booth Pro.

If you already have pictures saved you can use the Load option from menu to load the 4 pictures and apply the effects and then create the Photo Booth photos.

Photo Booth saves the final picture in 472 x 2420 in JPG format.  If your device can not support higher resolution then Photo Booth will save in low resolution 236 x 1210.   This only for OS5 because of the memory limitation.

*Simple and functional interface
*Zoom in and out before taking the pictures.  Not available if the Flash is on
*Built in 8 special effect filters
*Set delay before each take for Quick Take
*Set vibrate notification before each take
*Change the background color on the final picture
*Save in JPG format to system Pictures or your own folder on the SD Card
*Email picture
*Supports Flash to take pictures in the dark (very cool)
*Load your own saved pictures
*Run Pictures app directly in Photo Booth Pro
*Best Photo Booth simulator for the BlackBerry(R)

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