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Monday, November 12, 2012

Documents To Go Premium

Documents To Go Premium Edition!  This version allows you to view, edit and create Word, Excel & PowerPoint files all on your BlackBerry® device! The Premium Edition also allows you to view critical PDF files.  Included with this version is a free desktop component for bi-directional file synchronization as well as a file browsing component for an organized and centralized location to access all of your files.
Whether it is a file from your PC or an e-mail attachment, now you can have your forecasts, contracts, product manuals, part numbers, meeting notes or any other kind of MS Office document at your fingertips with full editing capabilities!

Key features in the Premium Edition are:
   •Create new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
   •Open PDF files
   •Open password protected Office & PDF files
   •Desktop interface to synchronize files
   •File browser app to find, move, re-name, & delete files
   •Advanced character, font and paragraph formatting
   •Apply cell and number formatting in spreadsheets
   •And Much More!

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Download ota
Documents To Go
Khusus os 7.1 (gak perlu registration & activation key)

Registration & Activation Key
Registration: 15765508-5452
Activation Key: 0490-F000A2C075CM
Registration: 15765507-8848
Activation Key: 0390-F000A2C0K538
Registration: 11544171-2882
Activation Key: QK2Q-K000A2C0KQK3
Registration: 11544172-1779
Activation Key: QC2Q-K000A2C07Q4A
Registration: 11544173-0486
Activation Key: QD2Q-K000A2C03Q02
Registration: 11544174-4852
Activation Key: QE2Q-K000A2C0FQDA
Registration: 11544175-4981
Activation Key: QF2Q-K000A2C0KQ92
Registration: 11544176-4921
Activation Key: 702Q-K000A2C07QAD
Registration: 11544178-0183
Activation Key: 722Q-K000A2C0FQ3D
Registration: 11544179-1355
Activation Key: 732Q-K000A2C0KQ75
Registration: 15766284-6039
Activation Key: 0C93-F000A2C0D492
Registration: 15766285-3992
Activation Key: 0D93-F000A2C094DA
Registration: 15766286-7605
Activation Key: 0E93-F000A2C05402

Note :
Beda Documents To Go Premium dengan bawaan dari blackberry  free adalah tidak adanya pdf to go
Setelah aktivasi Documents To Go maka otomatis anda akan di minta mendownload pdf to go

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