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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Want more out of your Messaging experience? Then crunchSMS is for you, with lots of cool features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, emoji icons, passcode lock, scheduling, blacklisting, signatures, text snippets and heaps of personalization options. Plus the ultimate in convenience for replying to incoming text messages via the Quick Reply feature!

Simply use crunchSMS as a souped-up replacement to the built-in Messaging application.

It's completely free and most features are accessible for FREE! There are no other "pro" or "full" versions of crunchSMS. It's nice and simple.

*** Over 5 million downloads ***
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Cara seting agar smsnya  tidak dobel : Options - Security options - Firewall - Centang sms

Jika anda butuh licensenya anda bisa menghubungi saya, saya bisa mebelelikan licensenya (26ADB6A2)

Cara instal aplikasi offline bisa di lihat disini : Cara instal aplikasi blackberry secara offline

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