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Friday, November 23, 2012

BeJoose - Memory Optimizer 1.700

Best selling performance utility on App World.
Working silently in the background, BeJoose delivers improved BlackBerry® performance by constantly monitoring and optimizing your BlackBerry® runtime memory:

Real Reviews :

"Truly amazing! Was ready to give up on my BlackBerry altogether, but after installing this app, my battery power is like brand new! Best dollar I've ever spent, hands down!"

"Use it for my 9930 and it works amazing :) my phone used to freeze a bit too much and now I don't even have that problem anymore. I love it. Worth the money"

"This app really works on my 9810.  It runs in the background, is very 'light', and my blackBerry seams quite a bit faster."

"I installed that optimizer with very little expectations, especially for .99 cent. Then I started using my Torch 9810 as I usually do, and Bang! everything response is not a little more faster, MUCH faster. It is true I am one these few BlackBerry users wanting to use many apps to make my work more productive, but this one accelerate the use of all others I have and this completed in the background without doing anything alse than just using my regular operations and use. I strongly recommend this to improve your overall experience."

- Optimizes BlackBerry® runtime memory function without reconfiguration.

- Installs and runs automatically. You don’t do a thing.  With MemoryBooster you need to manually attempt to boost your memory.

- Self-contained software solution – no additional hardware needed. Sweet!

- Significantly jooses runtime memory only.  

- Fewer starts and stops, fewer dropped calls or missed connections throughout the day

- Battery pulls? BeJoose keeps that headache under control.

- Warnings before you lose your work or that new client.

- Deploy more apps simultaneously, increasing productivity.

BeJoose optimizes runtime performance and comes with a 100%, no-hassle, money-back guarantee directly from JaredCo. Simply contact support and your refund happens. (PayPal account required).

JaredCo: Apps With Purpose
We design them, we build them, we support them. Guaranteed!

Here is what one user had to say:

February 24 2010   
Release 1.19
I cannot say enough good things about this app. My storm phone was so slow.....I would have to constantly pull out the battery up to 4 times a day because my phone would freeze. We'll I waited a few days before writing this review and I have to say I have fell in love with my phone all over again because of this app!! A must have app for your phone in order for it to run smoothly!!!!!!!!!"

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