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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Battery Pack 2.5

Battery Pack(tm) is a battery monitoring utility packed full of so many features it's like having an extra battery pack.

Battery Pack(tm) monitors your battery in the background, and alerts you when the battery is full, low or critical with customizable device alerts and popups.

NEW: CHARGING SCREEN & CHARGING ESTIMATE - keep an eye on your battery charging. The estimate improves over time with more charges. Change the background to your favourite photo.
BATTERY ICONS - Now you can always keep an eye on your device battery level. The application home screen icon and optional battery indicator display the battery level with a nice battery graphic in 4 different colors: green, orange, yellow and red.

WHAT'S RUNNING - find out what applications are running in the background without your knowledge! You can then uninstall unrequired apps to free space and improve battery life.

TOOLS POPUP - useful tools accessible from any application:
- Boost memory (for when your device needs that extra bit of juice to work optimally)
- Clean memory (invoke device memory cleaner to free unrequired objects from ram)
- Copy pin/number (handy when you need to paste into email or sms)
- View/Clean event logger
* (The popup can be easily disabled if not required.)

MEMORY BOOSTER - optimizes system RAM periodically or when the backlight goes out:
- based on selectable thresholds or set to 'ignore' to always force memory boost
- designed not to interfere with phone calls

USER INTERFACE APPLICATION - view detailed information on:
- running background and foreground applications
- network signal level in dMb, date and time
- battery level, voltage & temperature
- flash memory, built-in device storage & media card
- device information

OPTIMIZED - The application listens for battery events generated by the device instead of actively checking levels, so it uses a very small memory footprint and has minimal impact on battery usage.

- customize LED, tone and vibration settings for alerts from device profiles.
- application options can be accessed from the device options without having to launch the user interface.

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